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Be Ready This School Year

August 2012
It's that time again. Summer is winding down and another busy school year is just around the corner. In this issue, we'll highlight ways you can use HealthVault to stay organized and prepared, so you can have access to your family health information any time you need it.

Reach Your Weight Goals & More

July 2012
Exciting things are happening at HealthVault, as you may have already noticed. A new weight management feature and a redesigned home page are some of the more noticeable updates you'll see the next time you sign-in to your HealthVault account. In this issue, we'll highlight these new features and updates made to HealthVault.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

June 2012
Managing the health of a loved one is a very important and sometimes stressful responsibility. After all, it's hard enough to stay on top of your own health information. In this issue, we'll show you ways HealthVault and connected apps and devices can make this critical task a little easier.

HealthVault Goes Global

May 2012
The ability to manage health and fitness information on HealthVault is expanding around the world! While we usually feature various apps and devices that connect with HealthVault, we thought this was worthwhile information to share with you, HealthVault pioneers.

Time to Get Organized

April 2012
Getting your health information organized and online is a great way to do a little spring cleaning and at the same time be better prepared for an emergency. In this issue, we'll highlight a few HealthVault-connected apps designed to help you stay organized.

Spring into Fitness

March 2012
If you've been slacking on your New Year's resolutions, consider this your wake-up call! Spring is a perfect time to get reinvigorated about your workouts and improve your diet. In this issue, we'll introduce a few HealthVault-connected apps and devices to help you get great fitness results.

Account Summaries and More

February 2012
You may have noticed some updates to HealthVault recently. These updates are a part of our continuing efforts to release new functionality to help make managing your health information easier and more effective. In this issue, we'll highlight some of the key changes you'll be seeing with this latest update to HealthVault.

Healthier and More Fit in 2012

January 2012
Whether it's losing a few pounds, being more active, or staying on top of your health, New Year's resolutions can be tough to nail down. We're all busy doing several things at once that it's hard to set goals we can track and manage all year long. In this issue, we'll show you how mobile tools that connect with HealthVault can make it easier for you to be healthier and more fit in 2012.
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