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HealthVault Stories

Learn more about ways people are using HealthVault to take control of their health.

Managing family health information


Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie uses HealthVault to manage her family's health information. In a single account, she tracks information for herself, her husband and two children, and her elderly mother.

Stephanie and her husband track their weight, exercise, and diet as part of a fitness program. They each use a pedometer that uploads activity info to HealthVault, so they can compare progress on their weekly walking goals.

After entering her boys' immunization records into HealthVault, she has that info ready for their school nurse and for sports teams. When she's at the paediatrician's office, she uses her mobile phone app to share information and quickly record the latest info in HealthVault.

Stephanie helps her mom keep track of her medications using HealthVault. Because they use a pharmacy that sends prescription information to HealthVault, keeping her medication list current is easy.

Stephanie likes HealthVault because it gives her one place to access and control all of her family's healthcare records and information, helping her stay on top of her family's health.
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