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Sharing the care of an elderly family member


Meet Margaret.

Margaret set up a HealthVault account to help her care for her father, Joe, who suffers from early-stage Alzheimer's disease and hypertension. Joe lives with Margaret and her husband.

Margaret manages Joe's prescriptions, medical documents, and home blood pressure monitoring. She does daily home blood pressure checks with a device that automatically uploads readings to HealthVault.

Margaret's sister Dena lives a few hours away. She also has a HealthVault account, which allows the sisters to share Joe's record. During Joe's last visit to Dena's home, he fell and went to the ER. Dena used her tablet computer to show the doctor Joe's recent health history and blood pressure numbers. When the doctor changed the dose for Joe's hypertension medication, Dena updated HealthVault from her phone, helping Margaret stay up-to-date.

Having all Joe's information in one place makes sharing care easier and keeps everyone on the same page.
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