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HealthVault Stories

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Working toward weight and fitness goals


Meet Delores.

Delores has made a commitment to lose weight and get back in shape after a few sedentary years. She's making some lifestyle changes, including watching her diet and exercising more.

Delores tracks her meals using the HealthVault website and a connected mobile phone app. She tracks her fitness activities using a pedometer and a heart rate watch, both of which connect to HealthVault.

Delores monitors all this information with interactive graphs in HealthVault. She loves these visualizations and uses them to keep track of her progress and motivate herself. She sees how changes in her diet and activity level relate to her weight, so she can fine-tune things as she goes.

Delores likes HealthVault because it helps her easily track relevant data and evaluate her progress, so she can achieve her weight and fitness goals.
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