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How healthcare providers can benefit from HealthVault

HealthVault lets patients store health information from many sources, access a range of health and fitness apps, upload data from health and fitness devices, and share health information with those they trust.

HealthVault can help healthcare providers:
  • Improve patient satisfaction through easier communication
  • Manage practice overhead by exchanging information (including medical images) with patients electronically

  • HealthVault can help you share, collaborate, and engage with your patients in new ways.

    Share important information with your patients

    Do your patients remember what you tell them during their visit? Do they leave the office ready to follow through with their care plan, share information with their families, or get an informed second opinion?

    There are many reasons to share information with your patients and HealthVault can help. We work with leading EHR vendors and do our best to make it easy for you to get started.
    • Ask your EHR vendor. Many vendors have already added HealthVault functionality to their products. If not, ask them to do so — give them our contact info (, we’d be happy to help!
    • Give your patient an electronic CCD. Almost every EHR now has the ability to save a “Continuity of Care Document” in electronic format. Your patient can upload the document into HealthVault and use it to populate their personal health record.
    • Purchase an "off-the-shelf" or custom solution for connecting with HealthVault. Dozens of HealthVault solution providers have created solutions that you can add to your practice, including patient portals. Learn more about HealthVault-connected health IT solutions.

    Collaborate with your patients

    Patients can use HealthVault to gather all kinds of health-related data, including data uploaded from home health monitoring devices and records from other healthcare providers. HealthVault can help give you a window into the health activities that happen outside your office.

    Here are some of the ways patients can share health information they've gathered in HealthVault:
    • Your patient can print information from their account, or use an app on their smartphone or tablet computer to access their HealthVault account when they're in your office.
    • Some HealthVault-connected apps, such as Heart360 from the American Heart Association, have provider portals where you can monitor your patients' progress.
    • Patients can grant access to their data to an "off-the-shelf" or custom solution you purchase for connecting with HealthVault. Solution providers have created solutions for:
      • Provider portals for viewing patient-provided data stored in HealthVault
      • Clinical workflow, such as medical image transfer and pre-registration
      • Health collaboration, such as remote monitoring and care coordination
      Learn more about HealthVault-connected health IT solutions.

Engage your patients

The patient is at the heart of HealthVault. HealthVault can help you engage your patients in their self care because it's focused on them — providing features, experiences, and connections that help them manage the information about their health and the health of their families.
  • Help patients find apps from experts you trust — such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and many others — and from consumer health innovators focused on engaging individuals to improve health outcomes. When your patients use HealthVault, they have access to an ecosystem of connected apps. And because HealthVault-connected apps are available on so many mobile devices, your patients can work with their health information wherever, whenever.
  • Help patients choose a connected home-health monitoring device. If your patients are monitoring their health at home with a device such as a blood pressure monitor or glucometer, a HealthVault-connected device can make it easier for them to track and share their readings.
If you're looking for ways to engage your patients in their self care, you'll find a wealth of innovative solutions available in the HealthVault Apps & Devices Directory. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us. We're passionate about improving health through software innovation.
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